Whether you’re after a complete map written from scratch, basemap, tweak to an existing map, fault finding/diagnostics (engine codes read) or simply want to buy products you’ve came to right place!


We are custom and can travel to you or you come to us, we offer dyno tuned solutions or E-tunes. Why settle for generic maps, our unique business can tune at your convenience!.


We offer the following services:

  • Complete tuning solutions creating maps from scratch on standalone, piggyback and reflashable ECU’s – at your convenience!
  • E tunes - tuning done at your convenience and leisure over the internet nothing better than an on the road tune for accuracy and maximising gains!

  • Tweaking of existing maps for new modifications or fault finding.
  • Fault diagnostic codes read - fault codes can be read and reset - much cheaper than dealer prices!
  • We supply ECU’s, harnesses and other tuning products.


We can tune any car, from diesel to petrol without or without the need for installing an aftermarket ECU if available.

What is E-tuning?

E tuning is a way of fully tuning your car remotely via the internet, meaning you get the most accurate tune and the most power vs a dyno. Essentially sending and receiving updated maps.


There are 3 phases, phase 1 basemap and check cars run in partial throttle normal driving conditions, phase 2 WOT tunes and power tunes, phase 3 final tweaking.


Tuning can be done at your convenience!


How does it work?

Basic steps:

  • Customer lets AJI know the complete spec of the car and fills in forms with aims/power goals. Must have a wideband (some oem's have WB).
  • Customer installs ecu software/logging and anydesk. 

  • AJI generates first basemap and connects in realtime to the car for first start up etc.
  • Customer loads auto logging file or manually logs and drives car at certain scenarios.
  • Log are sent from customer and new maps sent using log information.



High boost SC S2000 on AEM Infinity by AJI

Abdullas Professional Race S2000 tuned by AJI

Featured car on OG tuned by AJI




















































































AJI tuning holds no responsibility for any loss, car/engine or any other aspect when a car is tuned by AJI Tuning.