Big shout out to Aji Tuning. Done a fantastic job tuning my TTS Supercharged S2000. Very happy with the results and how the car drives.
Top guy who knows the car inside out. If anyone is needing their car tuned then AJ is the only place to go. He came highly recommended and rightly so.
Mods include:
Exhaust manifold / de cat / dual exit HKS
AEM Infinity ecu
AEM AFR gauge
Hardwired fuel pump
Car is making just over 450bhp and over 260 lbft on the dyno.



Jez's JDM S2000 in for a full bespoke tune. Bolt on's and JDM engine with 2 flip paint work and 4.77 final drive! - should make it zip along with reduction in top speed.


Nicholas Bassett

AJ tuned my turbocharged s2000, did a fantastic job, went out of his way to help me through different issues I was having. Still chat with him regularly to pinch some of his advice on tuning/s2000. Great guy, always willing to help no matter what it is, years of experience, very reasonable costs also. Would recommend to anyone.


John Bearby

AJI came recommended by one of the members from the S2K Owners Club. I bought a Hondata Flashpro and then over to AJI. Excellent clear instructions and support made this an easy install and great fun to do. Impressed with AJI knowledge and want to get the car as smooth a drive as possible (which is what I wanted) I have now done about 60 miles on the final map and so impressed on actually how smooth it now is. I only have very basic bolt on's so was not expecting anything mind blowing yet the way the car drives and the mid range punch has transformed the car. If thinking of a tune regardless of what fitted to your car drop AJI a message.


Chris Daniels - Full track car tune - AEM Series 2

Very pleased with my results. Cannot recommend high enough. AJI spent a lot of time explaining the whole process, and took me through step by step. The motorsport shop where the car was dyno'd were very impressed with the tune too! Thanks for all you help



Lewis Straughton- Fault find and Basic road tune - AEM Series 2

Adam done a great job on getting my car running on a base map and few road tunes after that, couldn't have done more to help, top man.



Dan Oliver - Full Bespoke NA Etune MAP - AEM Series 2

So id thought I'd share my experience with you all about my brilliant service with AJI Tuning. So it started off with me buying an AEM series 2 ems last summer, bought it cheap as it had a known fault showing max temperture on the display as soon as you turn the ignition on. My plan was to get it fixed and get a custom map for track and road keeping my car N/A, I wanted more mid range gains with lower vtec, the only engine related mods I have are J's decat and 60rs single exhaust. I got in touch with AJI Tuning and explained the situation i was in, he managed to remotely control my laptop, put a base map on there and then start the car up and check that everything else was okay with the ecu. The ecu was reading the temp correctly on the AEM tuner software, could watch it creep up as the engine was getting hotter. He said it would be something simple like a burnt out ground somewhere in the circuit.

So I got in touch with AEM in America and said about the issue I was having and got it sent off to them. I was getting updates from them via email and its progress. It was $100 to Inspect/Repair and sure enough it was a burnt sensor ground circuit. The turn around time was about 3-4 weeks from when I sent it off to receiving it back at home. So i got back in touch with AJI Tuning and before we began the mapping process I needed to install a wideband o2 sensor and gauge. I went for the AEM 30-4110 and installed the gauge where the audio controls were, haven't got many photos unfortunately. Once installed we started the mapping process.

He asked me what I required and what mods I had fitted and as above my aim was to have better mid range gains. He explained that I needed to log the partial throttle runs and wide open throttle runs so he could keep updating the maps and send them back to me to upload and do more runs until both of us were happy with how it was performing and I've gotta say it feels so good! It feels smooth and almost oem when normal driving but pulls when you put your foot down it made a big difference, feels like i can use more of the rev range now. I booked my s2k into the Dyno at Lloyd Specialist Developments for peace of mind and to see power figures, they used a hub type dyno. With the most aggressive tune it made 191 bhp at the hubs and 128 lbft. Typically they said you would roughly add around 45bhp to get your fly bhp so around 236 which seeing how its 2001 with 130,000 miles on the clock I thought was pretty good. The track tune was 185bhp at the hubs and 5 less torques but safer to run. They were impressed with how good tunes were and good air/fuel ratios. Managed to get out on track at castle combe a couple weeks back but unfortunately was pouring with rain so couldn't test the car properly but there will be more track days to come this summer, the nurburgring will be the real test later in the year!

So overall I'm very happy with what he's done for me, very knowledgable guy and was always willing to help when i wasn't sure about anything. I was very new to the ecu side of things but feel like I've learned a lot more now since the whole process. If anyone is looking for mapping or advice on mapping then get in contact with AJI Tuning, very reasonably priced also.




Jason - Full Bespoke Etune MAP - AEM Series 2

A few of you will be familiar with the story of my supercharged s2000 now but I thought i'd leave a review of the on road tuning i did over the last few months with AJ 
I've been a member for a long time and followed AJs early story (before he was tuning) with his SC S2000 before he went turbo, binned it (oops), went turbo again etc. His car story was one which appealed to me, he looked for reliable power, looking after the engine and all that mechanical sympathy stuff (as much as you can when you are boosting it i guess). I was a fan of his work i guess.

Anyway, fast forward to this year and i bought a charged car which had lunched it's (low mileage) motor. Bigtime detonation was the cause of failure (some pics on the other thread) so once the engine was fitted (by the talented Mr Worral @ Daytona) AJ hooked up to my car over at Daytona and checked over the existing map. Quite aggressive was the summary but ok to drive the car back to sunny Notts avoiding WOT . Oh, and fit a fricking wideband so you can see if it runs lean!

The tuning itself involves AJ providing a new base map and logging configs, all of which load onto the AEM in the car via some free software (from AEM) and then setting scenarios for on road logging. These begin with partial throttle acceleration and progress from there. There's a fair bit of this to get the car running how it should. In my case this was all broken up with rear brake failure, MOT failure, belt failure and other such issues. AJ was always quick to respond to new logs with updated maps for the car, it was me who drove (slowed) the timeline by breaking the car, being too busy to fix it or log etc.

So the tuning went on through October and November due to those issues (it could be done much quicker, as i say the extended timeline sits with me & the car) and this car had some lumpy idle issues resulting in stalling which took time and effort to overcome (AJ constantly plugged away at this, avoiding quick fixes to get it running well).
All of this culminated in yesterday's dyno run at dyno-tech.
The guy at dyno tech (in Ripley, Derbys) was pretty grumpy but he knew how to use his dyno and looked after the car... He was sceptical about the approach we'd taken but not when he saw the results.

so.. the conclusion

Chuffed to bits. The key to me was

  • that the car was running well (tick - passed MOT no probs)
  • power felt good (tick - faster than my E92 M3)
  • wasn't going to burn a hole in the piston (this was probably a £3k+ engine swap headache)

No detonation on the optimal map and good power with a progressive, smooth, curve.
We saw det when we tried an aggressive timing map AJ supplied (which he predicated would be the case). Clearly the car was detonating before on Romain's map, whether that was down to dodgy injector seals, weak coilpacks or the map we can never be sure but the car was running more aggressive timing on that map albeit on a UK spec engine. It made 395 but the cost was a blown engine 14 months or so later)
Throughout the process AJ has been giving me advice and opinions on all things supercharged S2s and contrary to a generic tuner he knows this engine well (Dyno tech said lower your compression with a gasket and change the timing but that's an approach suited to Evo's and Scoobies which are all about the FI). I also read Supercharging Performance Handbook by Jeff Hartman and he talks a lot about the F20C being strong to cope with high revs which is where the majority of stress comes from and so being very suited to charging (which is actually lower stress).
My advice, get it tuned by an expert, get it tuned how it will be used.. One happy customer


Carl - GEMU full remap

Car is much smoother thanks pal, fuel gauge didnt move either and it now spins up in 4th never used to do that! Feels quicker and idle is better too! Cheers!


David - E tune tweak - AEM Series 2

Just wanted to leave a post to let you guys know how satisfied I was with the work done by AJITuning
I live in the states (about 6000miles away!) and have an 04 that is built up completely natural aspirated. I got the bug for more power, so I recently had a SOS Supercharger Kit installed.
After the dyno tuning here, the car was incredibly fast, but sort of uncontrollable as there was a 200hp jump right at about 6000rpm. I would spin the tires in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gears when I hit 6000rpm. That made in uncontrollable, especially since it has no traction control.
AJ offered to take a look at my tune and see if he could do something to smooth out the power delivery. Turns out VTEC was engaging at 6000rpm causing the huge power jump. But, it wasn't the usual engagement based on throttle position and rpm. Using the AEM EMS V2, you can set VTEC to engage under virtually any condition, and in my case, in was set to engage at about 7.3psi of engine load.
That meant in didn't engage until I hit 7.3psi boost. Engagement was like having a high pressure fire hose barely tuned on (huge boost from a SC, but the valves not allowing the fuel/air in while under the low cam), then suddenly opening the hose nozzle and knocking you backwards (the high VTEC cam engaging).
AJ had me run some data logs by doing some WOT runs and saving them to AEMTuner in my laptop. Then I emailed him the tune itself and the data logs a few times back and forth, and he was able to fix things up, put the VTEC engagement where it should be, and fine tune the timing and fuel and other stuff....from 6000mile away. Love it!!
And, all for a very, very fair price.
I would highly recommend him to anyone out there looking for an etune, whether you live in his town, or 6000miles away.
I also like his thoroughness in doing it right even to just making sure my software and firmware was updated to the latest versions....something which lots of tuners won't due simply because they don't want to hassle learning a few new things it would require.
We are still in the process of doing the final fine tuning, but I have to figure out if my AEM Bosch 4.2 UEGO wideband sensor is reading correctly before will do the final WOT data log run.
Anyway, after I sort that out, we'll do the final run and I'll report back.
In the meantime, don't hesitate to try AJ out. He's great.




Louis - E tune - Flashpro

I recently got stuck in a pickle with my car because my current tuner had not got round to sending me my basemap before going away. I emailed AJ and explained my situation and he happily agreed to send me over a basemap to get the car running so i could get it home from my friends garage. 
Not only did AJ provide me with a map the next day but he went above and beyond any possible expectations to ensure that my basemap provided me with exactly what i needed to complete the 150mile journey by making sure the AFR was perfect. He didn't give up even when it was perfect, he wanted it better than that. 

A true perfectionist and a legend with unquestionable talent. His prices were also half what i was expecting! :D 




Matt Duncan - E tune - Greddy emanage ultimate

My name is Matt Duncan i have had the pleasure of having AJ tune my car on several occasions. He made a frustrating job fairly easy and helped trouble shoot problems as they arise in the tuning process. The first tune was on my 00 honda s2000 with a comptech supercharger with the stock injectors at 7 psi with an e manage ultimate and an aem methanol injection kit car made 310 hp using a gtech pro dash dyno drove 9000 miles on that setup. Recently i upped the boost to 10 psi with rc 650cc injectors. It took some time but the car runs good will be going to a dyno soon the car is very fast and i have Adam to thank for it. He is very accommodating and considering we are on two different contents and 6 hours time difference i would recommend his services thanks AJ!



Martin H - North Wales - Honda S2000 - E tune - AEM Series 2 supercharged conversion.

Just to say a big thank you to AJ for all of his work on my Supercharged Honda S2000.  My car had a brand new AEM v2 ECU fitted as part of the supercharger set up and AJ developed a base map from scratch to suit my car that enabled us to get it up and running so that I could drive it home.  AJ subsequently developed a full map for me and even though I had some issues with my car that were completely out of AJ's control he was extremely patient and persistent to get the job done to the best of his ability which resulted in a car that now an enormous amount of power and runs perfectly.  I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending AJ to tune/map any supercharged or turbo car.


Jay - Risborough - E tune - Honda S2000 - Flashpro supercharged conversion

I recently got hold of a tts supersport supercharger kit after months, possibly years of thinking about wether it was a good move or not. I didnt have the first clue about what was involved with the whole procedure but set about buying a few tools and getting stuck in with the install myself.
I must admit that i found it a little worrying at times after i'd stripped the engine bay of the standard intake, but with a few long evenings and a few hold ups after realising i didnt quite have the right tools at times, i got it fitted....in fact it was put on and taken off a few times due to several mistakes made!
Anyway, i decided after a bit of researching and bugging other members that i'd get the car mapped by AJI as he was recommended to me and now in turn im posting this topic to do the same for all of you thinking about doing the same job.
AJ was brilliant from start to finish, he gave me suggestions on other parts i'd benefit from installing in order to make it perform better and safer.

The amount of effort and time he put into the job was more than impressive, he dedicated his evenings to getting it done right. We had one or two hiccups which slowed the process down, mainly due to my part. But once they were sorted out, the overall mapping went smoothly. And to say the end result is impressive would be a massive understatement, the car feels awesome, the power is smooth and the car is running perfect!
I dont think you would get this level of attention to detail anywhere else!
One of the main reasons i ended up giving the job to AJI was that you never know who to trust with your pride and joy, but i thought a fellow enthusiast with knowledge and passion for these cars would be the way to go. And i was not dissapointed!
AJI is a perfectionist, any little thing he wasnt quite happy with would be investigated and sorted straight away, he spent hours ironing out any little niggles in order to get the map as perfect as i'd hoped for!
This level of service is exactly what i wanted. Its not very often that your expectations are exceeded, but i think mine were.
So if you're wanting a remap, contact him, you wont regret it! 


Al - Travelled to me - Fabia ECU reflash

Thanks mate car is superb and MPG is better was quicker and clutch doesnt slip like you said, faster than my mates fiesta ST haha he's gutted!


Andy - Dyno day - Apexi VAFC2

Aj managed to squeeze another 14BHP out of my car when others said it couldnt be done, the car is definetly better and I am very happy with it!

Past customers Information
Vicente - Spain


Delighted to provide Vicente a full map and ecu package on his 2.2 litre spoon engined car! interesting to see what it makes!.



Delighted to provide Sergio a full map for his bolt on NA S2000.

Hussam - Pakistan


Delighted to provide Sergio a full map for his bolt on NA S2000.