Past work carried out


Jason contacted me about a supercharged S2000 he bought that had a damaged engine, the car looked like it suffered from det due to leaking injector o ring and too much timing, however the previously tuned map had knock control switched off!



Marcos from Italy contacted about a tune on his highly spec'd s2000 running flashpro - lets see what it will make!



During mapping of a customer car, we found that the intake and exhaust were not suffice reducing power, AJI provided consulting and solutions based on experience and information recieved in logs.


Delighted to provide Athar and Mike full e tunes for their greddy turbo setup s2000s, one has a bigger housing and few more mods other pretty much stock bar decat and exhaust,  hoping for between 300-300bhp between the two. 



Further logging showed vtec was set at 6200RPM and fueling maps were not smooth as well at rpm cut. David returned to dyno where car made more smoother power and no more wheels spins at high revs! 4200 as opposed to 6200RPM!



David from the USA contacted me about a previously tuned supercharged s2000 that seems to wheel at high revs - initial lookseems vtec is set incorrectly ie too high! and fueling/timing maps are optimal!


Pauls 325BHP GT4

Legacy cable made and cheaper wideband cable made by AJI

Chris's car on the dyno

Jason car on dyno.

Paul contacted me to edit his map for his exisiting setup but with different mods, had to run a virtual machine as this Motec SDK DOS based.

A dyno from customer in spain running a 2.2L before tweaks which increased horsepower by 10BHP

A dyno from customer in spain before tweaks which yeilded another 5 bhp, up from standard 225BHP

Dyno day in lancaster
A day carried out spending a full day tuning 3 S2000's (normally aspirated with bolt on's)

Martin - North wales SC S2000
We can produce E-dyno printouts which are accurate to -/+5%
Matt Duncans Comptech S2000
Andys S2000 NA


Paul contacted me to tweak his motec 400 map for his Celica GT4 205, as he fitted a hybrid turbo and various other mods. Old school DOS here!